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Godzilla Dry Rub Master Set

Godzilla Dry Rub Master Set

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Includes the following dry rubs:

Spacegodzilla's Crystalline Spice : Spicy Buffalo Wing Seasoning
Hedorah's Perfect Stage Spice : Buffalo Wing Seasoning
Biollante's Golden Energy Spice : Pizza Seasoning
Dorat's Futurian Rub : Taco Seasoning
Gaia's Green Hell : BBQ Rub
Gigan's Cyborg of the Century : Beer Can Chicken Rub
Godzilla's Monster Zero-One : Burger Rub
Sanda's Duel of the Giants : All-Purpose Vegetable Rub
Rodan's Born of Fire : Sweet & Smokey Chipotle Rub
Mothra's Giver of Life : Lemon Pepper Rub
King Ghidorah's Living Storm of Rage : Everything Bagel Seasoning
Ebirah's Red Bamboo : Cajun Spice
Anguirus' Monster Zero-One's Bestie : French Fry Seasoning

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